printsIn today’s world, the distribution of wedding cards has decreased due to the development of technology. People now send invitations via social media as it saves time and money. But there are some other people on the other end of the spectrum that still follow the customs of distributing cards.  Weddings cards are very special to the couple and their family as it is the first impression the receiver of the card gets regarding ones wedding. Some couples design their cards to match the theme of the wedding which is of course a brilliant idea and it is a teaser for the guests being invited.  It is not necessary to have a luxurious wedding card.

But it has to look elegant and it has to represent the couples taste. One could hire a wedding card designer as they are professionals and can really give in some interesting and new ideas in designing the card. Plus they will have a better understanding of the couples taste and will tailor a card that matches the couple. But before hiring a designer keep in mind your budget as you don’t want to spend too much on your wedding card and run short of money during your wedding. Here are a few tips and tricks to design your own wedding cards. Get all the materials ready Firstly one must draw a rough sketch of the cover of the card and then draw a model of it on a computer. Once you have an idea of the materials needed, you could make a list and write the pricing for each. Order the materials required based on the number of invitees that are attending the wedding. Always try to run a back ground check of the cheap but good quality products in the market like the business card printing Adelaide. One could even shop online as this saves a lot of time and money. Get a little creative Order a few multicoloured, silver and gold stickers to decorate your card.  The bumper stickers are ideal if the wedding is of a vintage theme. One could even use glitter to add that sparkle and fairy tale effect. Using ribbons and bows really adds a touch of class to ones wedding card. One could watch some videos regarding handcraft as this could give more ideas in styling your wedding card. Get help from ones relatives and friends with decorating the card as this saves a lot of time but make sure to make a sample card so everyone knows what they need to do. Delivering the wedding card The most common way of distributing the cards is by post but this is very risky as there are chances the card could get lost half way through. So it is always best to go to the homes of your relatives and then give the card. If your relatives live abroad make sure to air mail the cards and inform them about it so they will be prepared to receive it.