Scoreboard advertising can be digital or static depending on the advertisers’ needs. Ideally, a fan would want a highlight between innings to gather the attention of every sport fan. There are quite a few differences between outdoor advertising and the indoor. One should first plan and consider different scenarios and results before opting for the same.

These electronic scoreboards are considered as a good long-term investment. And with their prices coming down, buyers prefer them on account of their affordability. They ideally have less maintenance costs and the scoring systems also could be customized based on the requirements.

Ideally, outdoor led scoreboards have many challenges, like weather conditions and temperature, which could make the display not that clear. Though it is very difficult to control the natural lighting, with the latest technologies, it is easy to adjust the lighting from other sources which could be controlled. It is always advisable to check these factors before it is being installed for real use.

Audio quality has to be top-notch as there would be several disturbances in the outer world. Clean audio with proper visuals works wonder in the outdoor space. Another factor that has to be considered is avoiding the natural lighting that comes from the sun. Choose a place where shadows could be helpful and the screen is still readable. As these screens come with superior brightness and good viewing angle, the position of these screens would help the spectators with the scoreboard and other advertising to help his view angle rather than straining them too much on the game.

Though the focus is improving the revenue by placing advertising campaigns, one should not forget the main reason they are kept, that is providing clear and accurate information of the game. There should be multiple scoreboard options that should be available, right from small leagues to bigger matches. They can also be used to run big campaigns during critical matches, which would attract the spectators.

These outdoor screens would become an instant hit when they have a good rapport with the sporting audience which would boost their brand image. Live feeds and video clippings can also be used between the matches and is always advisable to test these before having them displayed in the giant screen. Ideally, indoor screens would have some damage owing to player hitting the ball over the ground, but such a thing would rarely happen with the outdoor screens.

When it comes to power generation, LED screen consume less power than the traditional light bulbs and these bulbs generate warmth and heats up the board which ideally would make them unreadable. They cut a significant amount on the electricity costs, thereby saving some good money which could be used for other uses.