Imagine there has been community football much between two counties. Both teams are arch-rivals. The people of both counties are always excited for such matches and organize these matches on their own. But there is always a problem when they organize such a match. They have a small stadium available with limited seating capacity and infrastructure of the stadium. But people always complain that the match organizer never gets to put on scoreboard in the stadium. Because building a new scoreboard for the stadium can cost a lot and due to fewer number of matches, the cost of new scoreboard is not justified. This was the problem which people used to face in the past but now it can overcome by putting portable scoreboard during the match. The portable scoreboard is now the favourite piece of equipment for match organizers as it has many benefits and one good thing you will find many companies who can rent this scoreboard to you for your event.

Low-Cost Solution

When compared to the permanent scoreboard, the portable scoreboard is an economical option. As building a new scoreboard is a capital expenditure but due to its low utility, it is difficult to justify the cost. Every stadium or ground will always have a limited number of official matches or events, most of the time the permanent scoreboard will not be in use. If you are not going to utilize anything at it is full then what’s the fun to invest in it. Here portable scoreboards serve the purpose very well, as you get them on rent for the match or event. After the match, you can return by paying the rental and you don’t have any other liability to bear with it

No maintenance

The portable scoreboard will be hired for a short period and after the match, you will be returning it. So, it will save your hassle for its maintenance. IN case of the permanent scoreboard, you have to do periodic maintenance even if it is not going to be used soon. Because in case of skipping the maintenance, the screens can get damaged or deteriorate.


One of the top benefits of getting portable scoreboard is that it gives your flexibility. Even if you have multiple events planned in a single day, you can move the scoreboard accordingly. As with moving sun, changing the position of scoreboard can provide better vision. In case of rains or strong winds, this can be moved or unassembled to save it from any external damage. Now advance portable scoreboards can be assembled as per your required size, so they can easily be adjusted as per available space. See this post to find out more details.