A sign or logo helps you easily set out your business sign, from that of a competitor’s. The more unique it is the more highlighted it becomes. And this fact could be easily proven when you consider the McDonalds giant ‘M’, Starbucks unique logo and even Target and its bull’s eye. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to think out of the box. But when doing so, there are also certain factors you need to take in to account. Here are some of them.

Consider the environment

When you promote your product and business, you may have to advertise in different places, in different forms. And no matter which way you choose, you still have to make sure that you include your hotel signage (if it’s a hotel) or product sign (if it is a product), at some point or the other. And when you are including this logo and designing your advertisement, you need to consider the location at which you plan on displaying it. Is it going to be an unchanging kind displayed on a billboard looking out the city or a simple poster on a countryside hike trail. Depending on this you need to consider what to include in terms of the design, how it may impact the reader and will it get the message across.

The shades

Today color plays an important role in any LED signage in Sydney or advertisement design. Anything that isn’t in color, automatically becomes unattractive and ignored. And so, it is because of this that you need to consider the exact color shades you plan on using. It has to be highlighting, matching and yet impactful. Red and yellow seems to be the ideal shades used when promoting food because it is more appealing and highlighting, and that is why many fast food restaurants use these colors as base. So think of your product and use the right shades to create the right impact and get the right kind of attention from people.

Simplicity is key

These logos and signs have to be simple if you want them to be memorable and on the top of the client’s mind. Anything too complex would lead to automatic dismissal by any person. Why else do you think we easily can distinguish Adidas from Nike or WhatsApp from Instagram or even BMW from Toyota, even though their names aren’t really specified literally on the sign! So matter what you might be promoting, make it appropriate and simple. Consider the above tips and design the perfect logo to suit your business and product!